The citrus garden


A beautiful lemon garden surrounds the Resort. A spectacular view that has kept its charm intact throughout the centuries.

Various Mediterranean essences, peek out everywhere amongst the stone pillars: lemons, oranges, bergamot, tangerines, and cedars with fragrant flowers and fruits in sunny colours, and cascades of purple bougainvillea.

“Imagine taking a dip amidst the green, lying in the shade of a centuries-old olive tree …”

Magical places for you to rest in

A gentle wind blows in from the lake, rippling through the leaves. This relaxing sound will accompany your moments of rest in the citrus garden.

Among intense aromas and a thousand colours

The intense colours and inebriating scent of cedars, tangerines, lemons, bergamot, aromatic plants and essences that emerge from the old walls and every corner of the garden, will accompany your days from sunrise to sunset.

Vegetable garden

100m2 of soft soil, cultivated naturally. Aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables are collected every morning by our gardener, to be used as a healthy, genuine sides for your dishes.

Our philosophy

We package and promote many products because they are in line with our philosophy.

Our jams and marmalades

Sweet and bitter orange, bergamot, pink grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, citrus, fig and quince the colour of sunrise. We produce nine varieties using fruits from our land.


The Fireplace Room and its Cellar