Moments of relaxation

Rilassati, raccogliti, allontana da te ogni altro pensiero. Lascia che il mondo che ti circonda sfumi nell’indistinto.
(Italo Calvino)

Let yourself be pampered with the essences of our territory.

Our treatments with essential oils of:

  • Rosemary: stimulating and purifying, it promotes circulation.
  • Lavender: relaxing against anxiety and stress.
  • Rosa musqueta: fabulous for face and body skin, anti-aging and antioxidant.
  • Bergamot: anti-anxiety and has a positive effect on the irregular concentration of melanin in the epidermis.


Let yourself be pampered

Treat yourself to well-being!

Treat yourself to a wellness treatment in the massage room, in the privacy of your room or apartment, on the panoramic terrace with a splendid lake view or in contact with nature surrounded by the greenery and quiet of the Resort garden

The treatments are a service upon reservation.


Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is used to help remove energy and emotional blocks. It is excellent for stress and anxiety syndromes


It is an ancient technique and discipline. Its benefits are:

Rebalancing Universal Life Energy
Realignment of the energy centers (7 chakras)
Harmonization of mind
Release physical tensions


50 minute: 80€
80 minute: 100€

Toning massage

Energetic treatment of back and legs that helps to keep muscles and joints in good shape and stimulates the elimination of lactic acid

Foot reflexology

This is an ancient technique, defined as a projection on the foot sole of all parts of the body. By applying pressure on “reflex” areas of the feet, it is possible to stimulate physiological recovery and to tone up various parts of the body

Face reflexology (Dien Chan)

A natural therapy devised in ancient Vietnam. It helps you regain or maintain good health conditions, simply by gently rubbing, applying firm pressures, tapping or warming specific reflexology points your face, in such way as to re-establish your natural energetic balance and your regular body functions.


Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment, the origins of which date back to Chinese medicine. By exerting gentle pressures with fingers, palm and elbows on energy pathways (known as meridians), body stiffness is dissolved, thus releasing vital energy flows

Benefits are immediate:

Improvement of vital energy
Enhanced easiness in facing everyday life
Greater awareness of the body’s own abilities

Digital pressure

It is a technique represented by gentle, but deep, finger pressure on specific parts of the body in order to release tensions as well as to remove physical and emotional “armors”. Digital pressure is older than acupuncture and is based on the search of a good psychophysical balance and of the enrichment of personal vitality. It promotes a natural way to manage life’s emotional and physical stress. Digital pressure leads recipients toward a greater awareness of their own emotions, listening to them and enhancing a more harmonious expression thereof. The outcome is a pleasant feeling of relaxation where the recipient becomes capable of transferring the acquired awareness from the head to the rest of the body and from rational faculties to the feelings world, thus releasing muscle tensions